Our team integrates both Professional and Private pilots, with more than 5000 hours in experience on the most diverse environments. Our line of products will provide reliable, solid and instinctive flight instruments, with the correct information for your flight at all times. We aim to provide affordable instruments for your needs, targeting the pleasure of simple and safe flights.


All the avionics and systems for your aircraft. The future is coming faster than you think!

Digital Replacements

Rebuild your panel with new, lighter more intuitive digital flight instruments. From your Altimeter, to your Artificial Horizon or Heading Indicator all without a vacuum pump, so you can use all the engine power for what matters... Flying!

Engine Monitoring System

From your old inaccurate engine monitoring instruments to an easier, intuitive, sturdy and lighter digital replacement.

Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)

All in one state of the art flight instrument.
Combines all basic flight instruments and engine monitoring systems providing the information you need when you need it.

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